It's....Complicated | Wincestiel AU

It's....Complicated | Wincestiel AU

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Sam refused to answer the first phone call he head received from 'that' organization, turning off his phone and tucking it into his back pocket in response. It weighed heavy in his mind, but he would not let up, and went about his day working at the job he had just managed to get only a week ago. The other workers were nice, and he enjoyed the conversations he had, but he found himself missing what he used to do, and that made him angrier.

It was reaching closing time before he turned his phone back on, not even thinking of the phone call that morning as he checked to see if his brother had called him. After all, they had decided to go out and visit Bobby that afternoon after both of them got off of work.

He almost screamed in frustration when he realized that the organization had called six more times since he had switched off his phone. He didn't understand why they couldn't leave him in peace and allow him to grieve for what they had done to him. He deserved to be left alone.


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tdattner03 tdattner03 Feb 19
Honsetly I'm not too into the whole three way relationship, I'm just reading it for morbid curiosity, but I gotta say, I think I'm gonna keep reading cuz that was a REALLY good chapter!
KeavaWorkman KeavaWorkman Dec 11, 2017
Should read either You don't have to worry anymore or Don't you worry anymore
I have been looking for this fic for the longest time!!! I love it
beatlemaniac_101 beatlemaniac_101 Jun 27, 2017
I'm a sabriel and destiel fan but I'm gonna give this a try even though this is not my otp at all
3stPoet 3stPoet Jun 29, 2016
okay so wincestial is actually like a guilty shipping pleasure of mine and im really glad that i found this. your stories are slowly turning into a treasure trove for me tbh xD
samfuckingwinchester samfuckingwinchester Feb 17, 2017
IM SOBBING I HATE THIS BUT I CANT STOP READING WTF I HATE YOU (please don't take this seriously 😂)