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Solangelo smut stories

Solangelo smut stories

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_Sun-angel_ By _Sun-angel_ Updated Jun 17, 2015

Moans and groans filled the cabin.

"Shh, someone might hear us," Will said, holding Nicos hips as his bounced up and down on his cock.

"Then lets *fuck!* pray they don't," Nico moaned as he began to bounce faster.

As the scene became more heates, Will hovered over Nico, thrust in to him as hard as he could. "Ah! Will!" Nico yelled as he felt him hit his sweet spot. Will grinned and repeatedly slammed into the soft area.

"Will I-" Nico's sentence was interupted by the sound Will knew he was going to hear at some point in their relationship

Knock knock

Will's eyes widened as a voice came from the other side. "Nico? Are you okay in there?"


"What should we do?" Will whispered.

"Pull out, get dressed and go hide in the bathroom. Ill get dressed and answer. We'll finish after okay?" Nico whispered back.

Will nodded as he pulled out, Nico whimpering at the loss. They both stood and quickly began to put back on their clothes. The knock on the door became louder. "Nico, I know ...

- - Aug 03, 2016
Percy nice conclusion but he was doing more than jacking off
Nice save tho. I would've been like "ummm... Uhh... I was.... Uhhh...."
...will damn so straight forward especially with the son of hades...*smhis(shaking my head in shame*