Skinwalker *Discontinued*

Skinwalker *Discontinued*

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Aspire to Inspire By Midika Updated Jan 10

*Second installment of the Trial Series*

The trial continues in Juliette's point of view, in the sequel of Royal Alpha Jaxon.

Juliette is forced to make the critical decision...turn Jaxon into a Skinwalker, and strip his title of Alpha King, or let him die.

Betrayal will bring them together, as the story discovers and explores new emotions and characters, delving deep into their back stories.

New love interests, and scandalous stories. Step back into the world of the Trial, and uncover the truth behind the mask...


*Disclaimer in prologue*

Royal Alpha Jaxon will be available in hard copy soon, or purchase soon on Amazon. 

*Mature Content*

XD I see I'm not the only one that thought of the bad breath he has now
Because she doesn't want you to get striped of your title and every little thing fall apart. Duh
CJ6170 CJ6170 Feb 15
Well naw dip, he poisoned himself, so I'm not surprised. This is why I'm single, my expectations for love are too high
LeahIsRadd LeahIsRadd Feb 29
                              WAKE ME UP INSIDE
                              I CAN'T WAKE UP
                              WAKE ME UP INSIDE
                              SAVE ME
                              CALL MY NAME AND SAVE ME FROM THE DARK
Me calculating how much sleep I could get if I fall asleep right now
⁽⁽◞(꒪ͦᴗ̵̍꒪ͦ=͟͟͞͞ ꒪ͦᴗ̵̍꒪ͦ)◟⁾⁾