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Forever My Human Girl

Forever My Human Girl

219K Reads 12.5K Votes 56 Part Story
Emi By stopshippingthings Completed

Ayato Kirishima hated humans with a burning passion...
Well, except a handful of them, one of which was you.
Of course, he didn't like you right away which proves that
Kindness and friendship can, indeed, soften a heart

{New cover by PixieTiff99}

                              Wait... nevermind he is humanities last chance
I stab everyone with scissors...
                              And everyone's scared of me....
                              All I do is stab things, if not people.....
                              I guess he would like that, huh?
hello darkness my old frie-
                              i don't have a friend...
So if your in your monthly hell would that make a ghoul go on a rampage because you know is blood
Tadashi-is-here Tadashi-is-here 6 days ago
Aawww even a six year old is hotter than the guys in my class... Wonderful
I like beating up jerks like the ones who pick on people for no reason  would he like that?