Here's to the Heartache (Frerard) *Slow Updates*

Here's to the Heartache (Frerard) *Slow Updates*

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tonight and always By SeraphStarshine Updated Feb 07

Frank Iero is a mess - plain and simple. 

He isn't living, just surviving, and even though no seventeen year old should feel this way, he can't seem to snap out of it. 

Frank knows his life is going nowhere, so he wastes his nights away at the local bar, drowning his problems in a drink and hooking up with anyone that looks at him twice. 

He doesn't care if he is being a slut - Frank just loves sex, he actually feels wanted, even if it's only for an hour or two. 

But when one thing leads to another, and Frank finds his way into his own teacher's bed, will he finally discover everything he has been looking for, or will it all end in disaster?


Teacher/Student AU

*trigger warning for drinking, self harm, mental illnesses, depression, etc.*

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"A giant gay fiasco" Me and my friends when we're all together
*reads the words basket case*
                              SOMETIMES I GIVE MYSELF THE CREEPS
My parents aren't even homophobic and I was still absolutely terrified to come out. It must be unbearable living with homophobic parents
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I don't know if to chose green day or I don't know how but they found me both are good references.
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I can't even remember anything about my dad and its sad how I forget things easily. This is where wake me up when September ends really makes sense to me
I ship petekey and peterick so if he cool with either. 
                              But I like petekey a little more so PETEKEY