Assassin's Fiancé (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)*slow updates*

Assassin's Fiancé (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic)*slow updates*

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Vitya By CloudStrife15 Updated Apr 29, 2016

REWRITTEN VERSION:My Rival Yesterday,My Fiancé Today?!

Kaien Xolflare is forced to an early marriage by her parents. And whose the groom? The one and only Killua Zoldyck

What will happen if they escape? Enter the Hunter Exam and meet the others?What will happen if our Kaien fall in love to a certain black spiky haired boy instead of his fiance first?

♡Notes Before Reading♥
♦Killua is possessive and jealous type in my story 
♢Kaien is a Kuudered

Slight Crossover

  • adventure
  • anime
  • gon
  • hunterxhunter
  • killua
  • kurapika
  • leorio
  • romance
Aleschuu Aleschuu Jun 19, 2016
Lol, pandora hearts there...
                              SPOILER ALERT:
                              He died later on in the manga,and Sharon married Reim or Liam or whatever.
Koolkiddice Koolkiddice Apr 27, 2016
Hour glass figure, big breast,assassin family? I can see the mary sueness already
- - Jul 11, 2016
NARUTO! That was literally the first thing I thought when I read '(ex water + wind = ice)' since a shinobi with a water and wind chakra nature can also have an ice chakra nature
Ziaine Ziaine Apr 02, 2016
Sees Xerxes Break...I see what you did there^^ 
                              Right, Emily?
CandyGloves CandyGloves Apr 30, 2016
Yeah so are mine I'm not saying they're big but I think I want normal size boobs I don't want b-cups at age 12
Aleschuu Aleschuu Jun 19, 2016
Oh pls don't make her so overpowered...that drains the life in a my opinion, anyway