Taken- a Selection FanFiction

Taken- a Selection FanFiction

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Elisa Carams was an ordinary two in a small state of Illèa when she was summoned to participate in Prince Aaron's selection, where she falls deeply in love with him. The selection has changed her life forever, and she can never be the same social elite she once was. No, she is now a lady of Illèa. 

One day, the palace is attacked by insurgent forces. Elisa is taken by the rebels, and forced to live under their rules with a cruel leader. Elisa is thrown into an environment with violence, a strict government, and cruelty with only her faith in Aaron's attempts to save her keeping her sane. 

She has freed herself from her chains to be locked up again, but the question is why?

  *book 2 to summoned*

tiggerinwhite tiggerinwhite Jul 31, 2016
Very big twist on the story.  Didn't see this coming.  Makes me wonder if the rest of the family is alive also.
To me this is hilarious Because my Name is Elisa And my Best Friends Name is Nathan
childofknowlege childofknowlege Nov 28, 2016
Sapphiraxe Sapphiraxe Dec 01, 2016
O-M-G! Well I didn't see that coming! (But I guess that was the point Lol)
1hungergamesandpercy 1hungergamesandpercy Dec 15, 2015
Well I was going to go to sleep cause I have exams tomorrow but you know, one more chapter couldn't hurt o.o
JustMeMyBooksAndI JustMeMyBooksAndI Sep 12, 2015
Why is this happening? This is horrible although I thought that this might happen with one of her family members