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The Bad Boy calls me Sunshine

The Bad Boy calls me Sunshine

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Ai By aishteri Updated Apr 22, 2016

Moving to a new neighborhood is never easy; new friends, new school, new neighbors. Evelyn Chi Grant was a typical girl; not one of the cliche popular girls, but not like the super nerdy people as well. Well, she was in the middle of the nerdy people and the usual people. 

         When learning about her mother and her father's divorce, her mother decides to take her to Chicago, Illinois; one of the most crime-infested cities. Right when they get to Chicago, things start off bad. The first day Evelyn is there, she sees a plate of pizza rolls from the window across from hers, almost begging for her to get them. She does, being the stupid hungry girl she was. But before she successfully goes back to her room, she is stopped and dragged, literally dragged back into the room, seeing the guy she saw on the airport that helped her.
            After the meeting, she finds out that he is her neighbor, with the name of Aristotle Leonardo Colins. But not only is he her neighbor...
                       He is the bad boy and the gang leader of the Ravens, and what's more, he calls her his sunshine.

rmilyo107 rmilyo107 Apr 21
isn't he the guy who proved the sun is the  center of the solar system and now the earth. lol maybe not idk
EstrangedMikaelsonMe EstrangedMikaelsonMe Jun 24, 2016
I'm dieing already cuz she's me don't open yo eyes girl 😂😂😂
lovewDaisy lovewDaisy Nov 28, 2016
Yo...imma just call him zach cuz I can't pronounce that 😊😊coo?
breakfastatgabbys breakfastatgabbys Jun 07, 2016
You can get run over by a bus anywhere! Chicago itself isn't bad, I've lived there my entire life and it is not as dangerous as this book describes. If anything,  the only thing that sucks about Chicago is how freaking expensive it is to live there😅😁
ellisn12 ellisn12 Jun 26, 2016
Are we not focusing on the most important thing, the pizza rolls. They were also violently thrown. Let us have a moment of silence for the pizza rolls. 😭😭
iixXForestXxii iixXForestXxii Apr 21, 2016
It takes months for a divorce to be official, and they can't just say your coming with me, if she is over the age of 12 she gets to choose who she lives with