Supernatural Family (boyxboyxboy) (incest)(Book 2)

Supernatural Family (boyxboyxboy) (incest)(Book 2)

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It's been fifteen years since Aidan gave birth to three triplets. Noah, Dustin, and Milo. Milo was weak even since birth and is sick. It's like he's a ticking bomb and the whole family can only pray he stays alive another year.

Noah and Dustin...well they don't take the whole "your brother is deathly sick" thing too well and try their best to avoid Milo like the plague. This causes Milo to feel rejected by his family.

And while all this is going on, well what's more fun than Noah and Dustin having some "unnatural" feelings for their cute little brother?

SEQUEL TO SUPERNATURAL HIGH (I would highly recommend reading Supernatural High before reading this, otherwise you will probably get very confused in some parts), YAOI, BOYXBOYXBOY, INCEST, GAY LOVIN'

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CraMny CraMny Apr 02
I've made about 10 weird snorting sounds in this one chapter
Wait isn't Aidan his dad.  Why is he calling him by his name
                              LIKE THAT BUT HER SONGS are so cool
DemonicBitch DemonicBitch Nov 26, 2016
I just love internet these days of how people can just read a sentence and everybody instantly relates with only very few words: "that's so me"
Kholbe Kholbe Feb 27
I just put that song and as soon as I was abut to read this story that part came on and I had to reread that to make sure I read I read it right
Gabbymm120 Gabbymm120 Nov 07, 2016
Perfect way to start off a story with saying I'm peeling the skin off my face