Jace Wayland vs. Easy Bake Oven

Jace Wayland vs. Easy Bake Oven

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joeybarbussa By joeybarbussa Updated Jun 30, 2011

     When Jace Wayland was only four years old, he was pushed into a steaming vat of spaghetti. This incident scarred him for life, permanently. Before this occurred, Jace was a normal four year old, wearing pink frilly clothing and bows in his hair. But after taking a dunk in spaghetti sauce, Jace discovered his true self. He was meant to be emo and depressed, hot but acting rejected and cold all the time. 

     So, with this resolution in mind, Jace killed both of his parents with a giant spoon and took to the streets as a hobo. It was on the streets that he met Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, who immediately fell in love with his tortured good looks and emo style. Ever since then, Jace had moved in with Lightwoods. 


     Jace was wandering the streets, occasionally kicking over a trash can or terrorizing little kids. Alec and Isabelle had gone to some party, and Jace decided that he wanted to go out and explore. While he walked aimlessly, approaching an ab...

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