I Fell in Love with a King of Narnia (ON HOLD)

I Fell in Love with a King of Narnia (ON HOLD)

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MissLinaPayne22 By MissLinaPayne22 Updated Sep 20, 2015

Edmund Pevensie is just a regular 16 year old in England. When he first met Charlotte, a good friend of Lucy's, he becomes quite attracted to her. However, falling for Charlotte are not the only end of his problems but when he returns to Narnia unsuspectingly, he is faced with many dangers and so is his beloved Charlotte. (This story is told in two alternating perspectives: Charlotte's and Edmund's)


In case ya'll can't tell there's a lot of errors and corny stupid confusing writing in here that I did and I really want to fix all that, but I'm going to save this book to fix last. What I mean is I'm starting a whole series of Narnia fan fics starting with the first film. Charlotte will still be a character only she'll be introduced in a different way along with the rest of some characters I'm developing. I hope you like it a lot because I've been hard at work developing my new series I'm calling: Tales of Narnia! :-) thank you if you've read this far!!

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arissajana arissajana Jul 14
I love it how you make the story with Edmund's view and Charlotte's. It's a beautiful story, that they both don't know they actually like each other.
arissajana arissajana Jul 14
This is exactly the same with the third movie, except it has this new girl, Charlotte. I like it
iwantapetwolf iwantapetwolf Jun 19, 2016
This is just like how voyage of the dawn treader started but it has Charlotte in it. I like it so far.
yosoyHarrysbae yosoyHarrysbae Mar 05, 2016
Weeeirrrdd.. I just read a fanfic where the girls name is Charlotte
Nibblesthecat Nibblesthecat May 26, 2016
Weird I just read a fanfic about Narnia Where the girls name is Charolotte
Anindri17112000 Anindri17112000 Jan 30, 2016
Our adorable Edmund!!!! Miss you Skandar ....but thnx to MisslinaPayne for such a cute story about him...