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NIco di Angelo A High School au

NIco di Angelo A High School au

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happynico By happynico Updated Jan 10, 2016

Nico di angelo also known as that new sexy gay ( girls hope that it's bi, but it's not.) junior that could get anyone he wanted guy or girl. With his tall but lean figure an obvious 8 pack, ripped skinny jeans, band shirt, leather jacket, shaggy hair with an undercut, chiseled features and no one can forget those eyes. His eyes were a dark brown that almost looked black with specks of gold and silver that showed sadness, and his glare could bury you ten feet deep. Even with dashing good looks Nico doesn't know it.
  Enough about his looks Nico has a dark past that no one knows about. He is closed off and observant. What happens when he transfers to a school in New York called Goode high. 
  Mainly Nico's point of view might add others eventually. Characters will be from pjo/hoo we'll see if add an occ. No smut and no foul language.

Solangelo_demigod Solangelo_demigod May 20, 2016
I don't know why, but I read finished as spoken so I thought they had a chicken named Alfredo
DaughterofHepha3stus DaughterofHepha3stus Jun 28, 2016
Solangelo_demigod Solangelo_demigod May 20, 2016
A Harley-Davidson is my dream. We wantzz it we neeedzzz it. Muzzt have the preciouzzz
Forever_Solangelo Forever_Solangelo Sep 20, 2016
Yeah, you went in circles to the office. Definitely not straight though.