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max (ง'̀-'́)ง By tgxiic Completed

Just a bunch of oneshots of my otp BillDip bc I love them so much and there isn't enough. Hope you enjoy and feel free to comment any ideas you might have! 

( trigger warning; warnings will be mentioned at the beginning of each oneshot )

|| disclaimer: i own nothing and no one but the plot in which I write these stories ||

*you called for help
                              *but nobody came
                              It was my first thought when I read this lol
Omf I thought when it said that it meant as in when ppl are having sex and someone walks in on them... ;w; Help my impure soul
joker800 joker800 Mar 12
First off. HOW DARE YOU WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THAT !!. i mean your making me cry
If you imagine it where you're Dipper, I think it's 10 times better... Is it bad to have a crush on a fictional character... XD
magicdanger508 magicdanger508 Oct 09, 2015
Anxiety...I've got it and it holds u back, mine isn't bad, but it can get bad if I hold in everything again
ninjago2020 ninjago2020 Sep 18, 2015
Dipper your a freaking idiot, Bill loves you and you should know that.