Magcon One Shots|BoyxBoy

Magcon One Shots|BoyxBoy

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BoyxBoy Magcon one shots. 

Warning: Major feels, fangirling, inhumane noises.


packleader98 packleader98 Nov 15, 2016
Alright I need to stop looking at my life in these comments or I'm gonna go insane
trashkid- trashkid- Aug 25, 2016
you know you have an amazing relationship when he/she buys mcdonalds for you
packleader98 packleader98 Nov 15, 2016
So.... Yeah I'm probably gonna be a lonely potato for the rest of my life but it's cool it's not like I absolutely need to have someone in my life soo
Koko_Nut111 Koko_Nut111 Aug 01, 2016
I saw a cat that's a girl, and it's FÜCKING adorable but I'm not lesbian or bi
packleader98 packleader98 Nov 15, 2016
What am I doing? It's 3AM and up I'm reading cute gay fanfiction and questioning my life choices and if I really want a relationship or want to be alone for the rest of my life
Basically for anyone that is confused, there are such things in anime that are a crossed mix of a human and an animal, so in this story basically Shawn is half human and half cat