Kidnapped by my boyfriend

Kidnapped by my boyfriend

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irishgirl133 By irishgirl133 Updated Sep 19, 2016

Hailey POV:

I am walking in the park crying, my family and I just had a big fight about my Summer school report. They were so angry I failed maths and science that they told me I was useless. Maybe I am useless....

Because of what they said to me I yelled back crying "WELL YOU ARE USELESS PARENTS, I HATE YOU!" I didn't mean what I said but I wanted them to feel hurt like I did.

 I begin to regret what I said to them and start walking back home to apologize.

Suddenly a hand covers my mouth, before I can even respond a male voice whispers to me " Make a single sound and I will shoot!" as he presses a gun against my forehead.

This can't be happening! I want to scream but I have no choice except to sob quietly to myself. I don't want to die, I'm only fifteen, I'm too young to die! So I try to keep quiet.

"Good girl" says the man as he throws me into the back of a van and ties me up. My cries become much louder!

"SHUT UP!" He yells and punches me in the face.

Then everything goes bl...

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peterpapa10 peterpapa10 Oct 02, 2016
This is good so far but when does she find out that it's her boyfriend uhhhhhhhh
xNeonViolet xNeonViolet Aug 25, 2016
Your own boyfriend is gonna shoot you? .__________________________________________.
Gabby__21 Gabby__21 Apr 26, 2016
No offence, but this is the most messed up story I've read in awhile
farkle2165 farkle2165 May 02, 2016
I love this book this the most interesting book i have ever read you totally need to update real soon
JeamCarlos6 JeamCarlos6 Sep 23, 2016
Interessante. Vou continuar acompanhando. Você escreve bem.
_Wolf_Spirit_ _Wolf_Spirit_ Sep 21, 2016
This seems like a story alicat would make
                              Ali: ppl say if u punch ur boyfriend it means u like them. 
                              (Pulls out a knife) 
                              Ali: then I must rly like my boyfriend rar
                              She actually putter that in a vine