You and Me. Always.

You and Me. Always.

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Sarah By sm8521 Completed

Dylan and Thomas are two peas in a pod. They're not your typical brother and sister duo. Only nine months apart and jokingly referred to as Irish twins. These two have been inseparable since the start.

But what happens when secrets are revealed and the truth changes everything. Especially when Dylan finds out that her beloved T knew and hid it from her. What about the guilt of loving someone that's beyond forbidden? Or are they? Is the unattainable within reach and if so will either of them grasp it?

A supposedly forbidden love becomes a possibility with a bright passionate future. But can they overcome the years of thinking they were related and embrace that future or will old habits die hard and the passion fizzle because they cant seem to forget that they THOUGHT they were brother and sister.

With crazy friends, an eccentric mother, guys and girls lining up to be the next to date one of the Marx siblings, and terrible tempers, there's bound to be drama. There will be laughter, tears, screaming matches and fights. But hey what's high school without a little entertainment?   

 Will it always be them against the world? Or will all the secrets and drama be too much?

Tishaloki Tishaloki Jun 28, 2017
Lol! Love you attitude and I haven't even started your story yet!
bejay422 bejay422 Jul 22, 2017
I am more excited about the story now after reading all of ur scolding:)
mokatanakaakashya mokatanakaakashya Oct 10, 2016
They hatt'in on you cause you can do something that they can't. Let them burn and just ignore them.
MrsBurkholder MrsBurkholder Sep 05, 2014
F*cket the haters. You're a great writer and if they don't like it then they can shove it. keep up the great work sugar.
HaileyShackelford HaileyShackelford Sep 03, 2014
Really??? That would be so great, and no worrys I've been busy myself. With school and all.
NimrodDookie NimrodDookie Aug 31, 2013
haha, I almost peed in my pants! I can see you based Jemmas witty and pc so hilarious comebackability on yourself.