The Music In Me (boyxboy)

The Music In Me (boyxboy)

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[COMPLETED]   Riley Sanchez, a triplet, has gone through a difficult childhood of bullying. He is the oldest out of six children and lives in the lower class part of society. But one day he gets a huge shot at fame when his new teacher discovers his amazing singing talent. Soon enough he's on the road to meet up with record artists and agents, and he becomes familiar with the way of the upper class life.

But things start going downhill as he encounters the hate of other people, and, after being pushed to the brink, is faced with what could be the worst decision of his life.

Then he meets Dallas McGrath. And that changes everything.

I find that this explains me a lot too.....and maybe that isn't so bad
oh, that sucks... 
                              BUT SAAAAME
                              I don't need friends, they disappoint me *turns dramatically towards non-existing camera*
He would have been missing a couple teeth after that if it was me😑😑
He probably mumbles and never sticks up for himself is because of what YOU do to him.
They could just shave  of all his hair- it's an acceptable hairstyle for boys. Unfor tunately not so much for girls, which sucks big-time.
CAKersey CAKersey Aug 16, 2015
This is decent but I find that it was WAY too to-the-point. Like honestly you may as well be writing a list of things happening, which I found kind of iffy? I mean, what's the point if there's no detail or no extra? :/