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The Boy In The Black Hoodie (Bwwm)

The Boy In The Black Hoodie (Bwwm)

574K Reads 22.4K Votes 32 Part Story
channte By channte Completed

~Currently going under construction so there will be frequent updates throughout the book. ~

Everyday he wore a hoodie and hid in the shadows. Everyday she noticed him.

This is a story about two troubled kids who face hardships in life, that forced them to grow up way too early.

 "I'm your Inky. You're my Kit Kat." 

 © All Righ Reserved.

Published: April 27, 2015

#113 in teen fiction January 11, 2016
#163 in teen fiction January 18, 2016
#109 in teen fiction January 27, 2016
#95 in teen fiction March 21, 2016
#64 in teen fiction June 30, 2016
#61 in teen fiction July 3, 2016

vithevelociraptor vithevelociraptor 6 days ago
Forreal this pisses me off like sometimes light skinned people will act like I'm so dark and I'm like no I'm barely darker than you. They be like "wow you're so dark skinned" and I'm just thinking so apparently you haven't actually seen darkskinned people.
Layzerbean Layzerbean Feb 11, 2016
Wow already done with this book too her ego is way too big and annoying already
vithevelociraptor vithevelociraptor 6 days ago
She is me. In everyclass I sat in the front before I got my glasses and then when one of my teachers moved me I discovered I couldn't see over like 4 peoples heads.
kxitie kxitie 2 days ago
You better back up or imma jump on you and ride u like a horse
Everlxnd Everlxnd 7 days ago
More like I'd rather bathe in a pit of lava than let you make it up to me *flips hair*
5secondsofdyingx 5secondsofdyingx Feb 14, 2016
channel is annoying asf like wtf but I still love this book ❤️