The Boy In The Black Hoodie

The Boy In The Black Hoodie

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Everyday he wore a hoodie and hid in the shadows. Everyday she noticed him.

This is a story about two troubled kids who face hardships in life, that forced them to grow up way too early.

 "I'm your Inky. You're my Kit Kat." 

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Published: April 27, 2015

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rockstarluver95 rockstarluver95 Aug 02, 2017
I dnt get it, but I feel like I'm gonna like dis story anyways ☺☺
Layzerbean Layzerbean Feb 11, 2016
Wow already done with this book too her ego is way too big and annoying already
iStoleUrTacos iStoleUrTacos Feb 14, 2016
channel is annoying asf like wtf but I still love this book ❤️
FerreroSkittles FerreroSkittles Dec 02, 2016
it is like you're so near yet so far... it is like you want to know him, but you do not know what approach to use..:P thoughi am late in catching up, i think this would be a good book..<3
JustStay_CALM JustStay_CALM Oct 18, 2016
Aaaaaawe I hate cutesie pet names but this is so aaaaawe 😂
Marvel_Girl_2000 Marvel_Girl_2000 Oct 12, 2016
Two things! Freaking wonderful casting!! 
                              And Stephen James is a king! He's bloody beautiful! And so hot! Tattoos got me like 😋 and The Girl Joyjah she is sooo gorgeous!! Her hair!! The freckles!!! 😱😱