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Evans & Potter

Evans & Potter

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︎♡ By padfootspetunicorn Updated Feb 05

"love is a strong word"

"yes, that's why I used it."

update the 5th of every month

hb_jones hb_jones Jan 17
The marauders picking their animagus form
                              James: I'll be a stag a beautiful and noble creature
                              Sirius: I'm going to be a dog, a strong and loyal animal
                              Peter: idc like a rat or something cuz #yolo
Erkaroo Erkaroo Jan 28
They found out in second, decided to become animagus in third and became their animagus in fifth
DelicateAF DelicateAF Dec 16, 2015
They found Out in SECOND YEAR SISTA so it took them three years to become unregistered animaguses
sabrinabarbara sabrinabarbara Nov 22, 2015
So if you update this every fifth of every month does that mean it took you nine months to get this far?    . . .
_RainFire_ _RainFire_ Nov 21, 2015
IT'S AMY IT'S AMY IT'S AMY ON THE COVER, IT'S AMELIA JESSICA POND *fans self with Doctor Who poster* I'll read this because of Amy.
anonymousstoryperson anonymousstoryperson Nov 09, 2015
They found out in 2nd year actually, and it took them until 5th to become Animagus