What If's ~ Akatsuki no Yona ~

What If's ~ Akatsuki no Yona ~

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Jeah Collen Faith (Call me Jee!) By JeeMeetsPanda Updated Jan 10

Who wants to see the Akatsuki no Yona's hottest guys in a completely different version but still harboring their own unique personalities?

Imagine the mischievous Hak or the very straightforward Kija in their student versions. Interesting right?

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JuneOfHope JuneOfHope Nov 02, 2016
Well...Akatsuki no Yona is a very weird mix. Shoujo and action isn't really seen together that often and then add a historical time period and a reverse harem to boot!
Crowstrike Crowstrike Dec 21, 2016
I'm sorry mom I won't do it again just please don't ground me...
JamieWarrior JamieWarrior 2 days ago
Aaaawwww.......I haven't read it yet but I feel bad for them. 
                              Heart breaks.....
Rizstab18 Rizstab18 Jan 02
Yea this is me but it should be : I bet you're on your period
Sora_Wifu_of_ALL Sora_Wifu_of_ALL Oct 23, 2016
IM SO SORRY YOOOON PLEZ FORGIVE MAH!!! *starts sobbing and hugs yoon*
meduza696 meduza696 Sep 14, 2016
Yaaayyyy I just need to see his name and I vote for sure...😃😃😃