What If's ~ Akatsuki no Yona ~

What If's ~ Akatsuki no Yona ~

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Call me Jee! By JeeMeetsPanda Updated 2 days ago

Who wants to see the Akatsuki no Yona's hottest guys in a completely different version but still harboring their own unique personalities?

Imagine the mischievous Hak or the very straightforward Kija in their student versions. Interesting right?

Read and Enjoy!

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Lord_SooWon669 Lord_SooWon669 May 22, 2017
And it would mean alott if you checked out my fanfic tooo (its Yona x Hak oneshot) 😁
ruuchan12s ruuchan12s May 20, 2017
I would like to request if possible! But if you can't it's super okay :
                              - if reader accidentally hurt him (historical)
                              - if reader was kidnapped (modern)
                              - if reader suddenly collapses
                              Sorry for bothering :"D
Conqer Conqer Mar 31, 2017
Ooo exciting
                              And also
                              Slight lemon is called lime,
                              If it's even slighter than maybe even citrus idk
PurpleFlyingBird PurpleFlyingBird Jun 02, 2017
This story of yours is really enjoyable to read! When I found it last night I kept reading it all the until 2:15am in the morning. Keep up the good work! :D
JuneOfHope JuneOfHope Nov 02, 2016
Well...Akatsuki no Yona is a very weird mix. Shoujo and action isn't really seen together that often and then add a historical time period and a reverse harem to boot!
AJamlessMalfoy AJamlessMalfoy Mar 30, 2016
i'm srry but akatsuki no yona isn't just for girls right.....? cause my brother watched it and well........ other guys do so......???
                              i'm sorry for that ^ i just wanted to say that. but i'm interested in this story, it's seems rlly nice! ^-^