the hobbit imagines

the hobbit imagines

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[HIATUS] By thorinstoned Updated Dec 24, 2015

disclaimer: i don't own any characters. they all belong to peter jackson and tolkien, as do the settings. my ideas are my own, and don't expect them all to be happy. readers of dark pasts, you know how feels i can get.

there is a request chapter in the very beginning, so you can leave your requests there or in other chapters when i am taking them. though, when you pass those early chapters that say that requests are open, please do not request and assume that they are closed because of the amount of requests i already got. thank you :]

                        [may have LOTR characters]

deansimpala1967 deansimpala1967 Mar 07, 2016
"Dwalin, move your ass. I need to get to the author. She made a bad mistake and I am going to make her correct!"
-theosraeken -theosraeken Jul 21, 2016
I would've done that, stuck my tongue out, then ran for my dear life
yeahbutdogsthough yeahbutdogsthough Aug 30, 2016
*pushes past dwalin* I swear to god what r u on thorin my little bean is dead! *wails* *gets picked up by thranduil* *whispers* I won't forgive you! ;-;
fili-lion fili-lion Jul 04, 2016
Fili coming home from a long day at the forge and the kids - Tia and Firian - running to say hello to their dad
marybellssnape marybellssnape Jun 14, 2016
What an amazing story except the end was so sad I'm still crying.
-theosraeken -theosraeken Jul 21, 2016
It's funny bc I would've blurted some dumb sh it like this out