Hurt Me *BoyxBoy Twincest*

Hurt Me *BoyxBoy Twincest*

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Jensen Styles-Hale By TheAllShipperKAZ2Y5 Updated Feb 27, 2015

Recipe For A Sexy, Illegal Horror Story:

~ Take one boy not afraid to staple lips shut or slam forks into crotches when it comes to defended his baby brother. He's cool as ice and hot as fire.

~ Take one innocent, easily hurt, childish baby twin who's hopeless for his brother and would do anything to make anyone smile.

~ Stir well, add in five hyper friends, sprinkle in some annoying parents and leave to stew.

Be warned. You may need goggles and a protective suit ;)

SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Oct 27, 2016
I imagine it, and I laughed. What the hell is wrong with me...
SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Oct 27, 2016
I said (write) it before, but I'm gonna do this again:
Echo_Is_Not_Normal Echo_Is_Not_Normal Nov 12, 2016
Silver: "Two boys came and started calling me names"
                              Felix: "Pussy"
TheAllShipperKAZ2Y5 TheAllShipperKAZ2Y5 Jan 16, 2013
@Ibakashi Awh, thankskies ^.^ It sucks, but I'll keep trying!