Eternity (Naruto-Itachi Book)-Complete

Eternity (Naruto-Itachi Book)-Complete

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Love has no bounds; it is forever eternal. 

Their first encounter was at the academy in the walls of Konoha. Emiko had never met someone who was mysterious and intimidating, yet a kind soul behind that hard exterior. Itachi had lots of girls chasing after him in the village, but she was different. He had never met someone who was as alluring, mystifying, and beautiful as her. Both didn't comprehend that they kept each other on their toes, but not only that... they didn't realize just how much their hearts raced when basked in each other's serenity. However, these star-crossed lovers didn't know that so many forces would drive them apart. 

Follow the journey of Emiko and Itachi as they begin their story in "Eternity" where the most passionate love, comedy, courage, tears, and strength will be experienced. Will these forces drive them apart? Will they let war and death come in between their bond? Or is their love destined to last for eternity?

~~5th Book I've published!~~
Cover has been made by me! ^_^

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OliveTait OliveTait Nov 08, 2017
I'm going to go stab myself in the eye now. Oh. That's ironic.
cynder1 cynder1 Dec 12, 2017
Go emiko Spite attack! (Spites pacifier at rin) super effective
Sardonic_Kitten Sardonic_Kitten Oct 16, 2017
“Myriad, nice.” If you know this reference I’ll love you forever.
live-love-pray live-love-pray Dec 15, 2017
TFW your friend opens the pickle jar, and you worked at it for 20 minuets
_mango_rice_567_ _mango_rice_567_ 7 days ago
I have read 5 out of 6 Itachi love stories and the five OC names are all Emiko.
cynder1 cynder1 Dec 19, 2017
The first time kakashi got socked on the nose and it’s by his baby sister.