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Clovers (Septiplier)

Clovers (Septiplier)

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Logan ;} By TheProAtFanBoying Completed

It was a cool spring night, around 10:45. Mark sat in his bed for him it felt like It was 80 degrees but it was only 46. Salty liquid pored down his face not showing signs of stopping. His lungs ached from the heaving of his chest. His close were a mess and it looked like a hurricane went through his, usual clean and styled hair. In his hands lay two objects. One of them, a hat, gray and simple yet it held so much sentimental value. The next object is a four leafed clover, small rapped in tape to keep persevered. This single little clover held memories and had changed Mark's life. "If you knew what was gonna happen what it all led up to, would you go up to him?" 
"I don't know.... Probably but I can't change the past, I can only live the present and wait for the future" 
"But we're did it all go wrong"
"I don't know"
Well let's start from the beginning 

P.s. This has shortish chapters so sorry bout that guys but anyway byeeeeee byeeeeee :3

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Now its mark has 20mil and Jack has 19 mil
                              THEY'VE COME SO FAR
GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BALLS, BEAST! (Whoever gets that reference wins my heart btw)
septiplier_fna1139 septiplier_fna1139 3 hours ago
I red "sex million". Gg to me. 
                              I'm actually concerned for my well being.
mymom5454 mymom5454 Feb 16
Saaaaay what yooouuu meeeaannnn tell me I'm riiight, then let the sun rain down on me! Give me a sign, I wanna belieeevvvee! *Inhales deeply* WOOOOAAH, MONA LISA, YOUR GARRENTTED TO RUN THIS TOWN! WOOOOAAAAHH, MONA LISA! I CAME TO SEEEE YOOOUUU FAAILLL!
Roses are red 
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              god damn that escalated quickly
SophieB2000 SophieB2000 3 days ago
What the hell is "Jackiplier" well it just doesn't sound right you cant say Jackiplier away! no! its Septiplier AWAy