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Dragon Tamer

Dragon Tamer

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Esther By EstherDramaqueen Updated Feb 08

Marcie is an oddity in her village, the daughter of a widower with both village and outsider blood in her veins. She cares for her drunken father, and struggles to fit in with the rest of the village. 
Everything changes when she comes across two dragons, a mother and her new born, and unwittingly becomes the Tamer of the baby dragon when his mother dies. 
This new unlikely bond completely changes her life and opens doors to her future that she would have never thought possible whilst also causing her pain and heartache.

RJ_Triveri RJ_Triveri Dec 26, 2016
A good opening to the work. I'm glad I finally found time to read it. I look forward to reading more.
It's actually very hard for me to find a story on this site i really like!
                              Great job!
Ethan56120 Ethan56120 Nov 29, 2016
Interesting how no one's mentioned the "...cliff or in cave,"
Arra-chan Arra-chan Dec 07, 2016
is it weird that i already like this, even though it's only the first sentence? just me? ok.
maarcie maarcie Jan 25
I already knew I'd like the title character going in, haha. Great opening!
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Dec 25, 2016
Omygosh can y'all stop criticizing the author, some constructive criticism here or there would be fine. But not in every freaking paragraph, it gets annoying. Just read the story