Crossroads | ✓

Crossroads | ✓

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Not all boys are cool,
and can flirt like a pro.

Most of them are lame,
take hours to master a quiff,
Or even obsess over a certain sadistic anonymous writer on wattpad. 

But life isn't just food, guitar, lame jokes and wattpad.

And crossroads in the name of a forgotten childhood friend, a strange wattpad writer and new friends might just be what Varun needs to learn the meaning of Life.

Or probably not.

( writing descriptions are going to be the death of my nonexistent writing career )

Cover credit: yours truly
Image credit to owner

#9 Humor  

Contains elements of Romance, Abuse and alcoholism. Read at your own discretion.


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it's sad because that's what we think and its what society wants us to think
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
Idk like when it's your birthday and your cat jumps on your cake, splattering it everywhere. But it doesn't matter because at least you have a cat-covered cake.
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
Yeah whenever I see this book it's always under someone's 'funny' or something reading list.
DearBrotherBee DearBrotherBee Nov 20, 2016
The funny thing is, I know what the main cover is from X3
                              Hi!  I'm new here, and I'll probably read this in a little.
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
When you have practically 100 books in your library screaming to be read and then there's a book from outside that catches your attention. My 100 screaming books will have to wait (*^_^*)
- - Feb 11
Isn't it, eh, like, Bhoomi.. I mean the 'h' 
                              Ps. Don't mind. I'm known as 'auto correct' of my group :p