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Boy reading story books = Nerd
  Boy reading stories in a reading website = Rare specimen of male
  Boy reading stories under Teen Fiction = Against the rules of male existence
  Boy becoming a fan of a cheesy novel = Unacceptable crime committed against the male population.         

     The above mentioned are clichés developed with the start of the internet age. I'm Varun, the boy who broke these clichés (it kinda sounds cool like the boy who lived right? RIGHT?). Now add in a sadistic, anonymous wattpad writer, a childhood playmate who has completed a master's degree in poker face, a new best friend slash bro from another set of parents, a bubbly, tiny poodle sized yet intimidating girl friend and a totally unchanged 'small' town which is said to have a population of 90,180 according to 2011 census. 

What does that give? 

Ah yeah. A sweet, dorky disaster (but again, when were disasters sweet?)

( writing descriptions are going to be the death of my nonexistent writing career )

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Contains elements of Romance, Abuse and alcoholism. Read at your own discretion.


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scarlet_sugar scarlet_sugar May 19, 2016
You finally updated!! I am too much excited!! Update soon💕
The-Past-Hurts The-Past-Hurts Jul 21, 2016 I'm already loving the names especially.....ummmm...I forgot the mc boy  -s name lol but I love itttt!!!!! 😍😍😍👏🏾
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
Idk like when it's your birthday and your cat jumps on your cake, splattering it everywhere. But it doesn't matter because at least you have a cat-covered cake.
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
Yeah whenever I see this book it's always under someone's 'funny' or something reading list.
DearBrotherBee DearBrotherBee Nov 20, 2016
The funny thing is, I know what the main cover is from X3
                              Hi!  I'm new here, and I'll probably read this in a little.
-hebetude -hebetude Dec 26, 2016
When you have practically 100 books in your library screaming to be read and then there's a book from outside that catches your attention. My 100 screaming books will have to wait (*^_^*)