The Girl In Gloves

The Girl In Gloves

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Knox By InsideAsylum Updated May 15

Previously known as Falling For Her.
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 "You ruined my shoes!" a pissed angry man yelled at her and stood up from his chair.

"I-I a-am s-orry.." the waitress shuttered.

The man grabbed her collar, dropped her tray on the floor and made a loud thunder sound across the restaurant. You could see the fear and guilty in her eyes.

Great. Whose going to be the hero? Just like in movies.

He was about to punch her when someone grabbed his fist, wearing a leather gloves.

I couldn't see because the back was facing me instead.

Who wears gloves during summer time? It's like 40 degree outside.
 What happens when 'the girl in gloves' past hunts her down and met others through her journey.
       Cover by @CynicalEbony

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zayblack- zayblack- May 16
walaikum assalam 
                              is it just me or do you even love them greetings???
xAnaRAIx xAnaRAIx Jul 16
This sounds like that but from Taken lmao: I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you. 😂😂😂
My mom would beat my ass if she saw me with this dude. But he hot af tho, ain't gon deny that
Ezzeman5 Ezzeman5 Nov 25, 2016
It's been quite a long while sense u last updated are u going to keep writing this story ???
MavraAhmed MavraAhmed Nov 26, 2016
nash looks girly and chase is way too good looking to be in support ... maybe you should change 'um