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Being Niall Horan's Secret Girlfriend.

Being Niall Horan's Secret Girlfriend.

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Emily By EmmyStories Completed

Alexis Payne, everyone knows the name now. Life for her can't be that hard now can it? I mean she isn't a secret she hangs with One Direction without worrying about being caught out with them. Everyone knows her and Liam are twins. Life's good. Well except for the fact she isn't allowed contact with them until their tour is over and she's Niall Horan's secret girlfriend. It bounces from one secret to another first Liam's secret twin now Niall's secret girl, it's difficult.

The fact Niall is supposedly one of  guys in the band and he's on tour, that mean rumors are going to fly about him dating. So here's a little about what it's like with Lexi now having to cope with Being Niall Horan's Secret Girlfriend.

Sequal to Being Liam Payne's Secret Twin.

I wonder what that means... 🤔
                              OH WAIT...
                              SHES PREGNANT! 
                              sorry I had too.
beautyfthes beautyfthes Feb 09, 2016
will you guys please check out my stories? the first one is 'Steal My Girl' It has 19 chapters right now and the second one is called 'Olivia' its completed and it has 2 parts. Its sad and its a short story :) tysm
GoldenElephant383 GoldenElephant383 Jul 27, 2016
WEELL, maybe a few, " minor" injuries. We would never ever kill you.
bentovrbckwrds314 bentovrbckwrds314 Aug 11, 2016
Wait but Niall promised that if she ever got pregnant again he would stay with her and help her 😭😭😭 no matter what😭😭😭😭😭
EmoFangirlTrash EmoFangirlTrash Feb 17, 2016
My favorite girl name is Isabella and a guy name... Idk. It used to be Isaac but my brother ruined it... (Cuz his name is Izaak but it's pronounced like Isaac.)
rubiiies rubiiies Dec 29, 2015
Ruby Kendall Horan! Btw if u haven't guessed by my user name, my name is Ruby!