Abused (boyxboy)

Abused (boyxboy)

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BoyxboyWriter2015 By BoyxboyWriter2015 Updated May 11

Warning *abuse rape and extreme language (also male lovin)*

Two young boys born around the same time both get their innocents torn from them horribly from abuse yet though both of them got abused horribly they lead horribly different lives. One, older by 1 month, grew to be a strong serial killer the other a shattered boy. What will happen when the boy that he shares so much in common with becomes his new victim? Will love or hate flourish? Will Kay make it out alive or will the darkness take the seemingly innocent boy?

All characters and most places are fictional and are created from the imagination, the photos or videos used have not been created by me and I do not claim credit for them.

One of them grew up in a happy home with people who told him to watch his language and that God is our savior, the other grew up in a broken home with people doing drugs and cursing every other word with a prostitute for a mother. Can you guess which is which?
Well the feels are kicking in already! So that's amazing! ^_^ (sarcasm)
CraftT0Kill CraftT0Kill Oct 07
My smol bean child no ;_; i demand adoption papers for this bean. Now.
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Indent with new speaker and have paragraphs pls. Helps people read better ^^
judelca judelca Dec 24, 2015
Kay is more sensitive than Ray and it's make me potty him more nice intro btw😉
Catwashere6 Catwashere6 Jun 17, 2015
major difference just from the first sentence XD awesome story so far