The Real Me (Percy Jackson and Twilight Crossover)

The Real Me (Percy Jackson and Twilight Crossover)

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Isabella Marie Swan isn't real. Her real name is Sophia Marie Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon. Did I mention that she's a demigod?

Sophia is on a solo quest to learn about a coven of vampire's named the Cullen's in Fork, Washington. 

When Edward leaves with the rest of the Cullen's, Sophia decides to return to her home, Camp Half-Blood.

What happens when the Cullen's decide to find Sophia (Bella in their eyes) and return with her to Forks? Will she stay where she was raised, or will she go with her second family? What happens when she falls for another guy that isn't Edward.
This takes place in New Moon, when Edward leaves Bella in the middle of the woods and after Hero of Olympus. Victoria is still out to kill Sophia (Bella).

I don't own any of the Percy Jackson Series, Hero's of Olympus Series, or Twilight Series. They belong to their authors Stephanie Meyer and Rick Rordan.

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