One Deaf Mate and Two Shifters

One Deaf Mate and Two Shifters

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B. Little By blittle1372 Updated Aug 05

Welcome to the post apocalyptic world where humans are extinct! All manner of mystical beings rule the earth now. Gods walk the earth, Giants leap over mountains for sport and fairies create more dimensions than anyone could want! Problem is, the world is in decline. Birth rates have dropped rapidly, food production is limited to those who grow for them selves, and slavery is on the rise. Villages of weaker beings pop up and slavers sell those who cannot survive in the new world. 

The last two shifters have become recluses in this new society, living far away from the villages, awaiting the day they will meet their mate. 

One slave has survived long enough to know what true pain is and now she lives deaf to the rest of the world.

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