tutor | Camren

tutor | Camren

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Rosemary By warriorfrangipane Completed

"Lauren you have to pay attention if you want to learn anything." Camila says voice barely above a whisper

"I want to learn about you." Lauren says closing the book and leaning into Camila

"Just tell me to stop." Lauren says getting closer to Camila


Which where a nerdy girl has to tutor a badass green eyed girl who is covered in tattoos. Lauren might just have a tiny crush on Camila so that's why she always teases her during school. But will Camila realize Lauren can't express her feelings that well and fall for her too? Or will she tell her that Lauren blew her chance to be with her?

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Steff-Camren Steff-Camren 5 days ago
😐😐Why stare out the window and day dream when you have the tea think in front of you that you can look at
Steff-Camren Steff-Camren 5 days ago
😭😭😭No ain’t a freak and a loser. Your a beautiful, intelligent, and adorable girl
YounGayest_A YounGayest_A 4 days ago
Sit your (not so)lil cuban butt down and listen. You are not allowed to be rude to our big cuban butt over here. She's trying to help you so behave yourself and be thankful ya dumb fk
bored307 bored307 a day ago
Lmao ok ok 😂....sorry... Don't hurt her  she's very sensitive
Steff-Camren Steff-Camren 5 days ago
You’re the one staring at my wife. So I don’t know why you talking