Behind the Mask (Morriston Superheroes #3)

Behind the Mask (Morriston Superheroes #3)

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Danielle Banas By tasting_stars Completed

Book 3 of the Morriston Superheroes trilogy. Read books 1 & 2 - Men in Tights & Caped Crusaders - first to avoid spoilers. 


Fight the world. Save the world. Change the world.

Rylan Sloan's heart has been broken, but that won't keep him from doing his job. Together with Red Comet and their merry band of heroes, the Iron Phantom is determined to take down Malcolm Dietrich - the elusive Sandman - once and for all. But this mission is easier said than done. Rylan and Connor are constantly hounded by screaming fans, scientists working for the resurrected metahuman experiments want their blood, and in order to get to Malcolm they'll need to conquer a vicious new threat. Who is this man...and why does he look vaguely familiar?

Meanwhile, Abby Hamilton is determined to outrun her past. Too bad it isn't working. Continually haunted by Jason's death, Abby's only wish is to live a normal life. But normality doesn't exist when you're drowning in a sea of superheroes. Red Comet is her brother. Iron Phantom is her ex-boyfriend. Oh, and that other guy - well, he's just out to take over the world. With creatures of nightmares crawling through the sewers and taking over the skies, Abby begins to wonder if there is more to Malcolm's abilities than meets the eye...and she is willing to do anything to find out.

Strap on your cape and grab your mask. Morriston's greatest battle has only just begun.

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__Inactive_Account__ __Inactive_Account__ Aug 16, 2017
Abby and Rylan broke up...
                              Well author, I'm going to be coming after you with torches and pitchforks if my ship is going down
AlwaysWillTry AlwaysWillTry Aug 10, 2016
Montel_Ferguson Montel_Ferguson Jun 02, 2016
Great job! Marvellously done. If you get the chance to check out the beginning of my new book, Human Weapon Unleashed, and give me so feedback, that'd be great 😃
-queenxn- -queenxn- Mar 13, 2016
I just read the two other books in one day and now I'm starting on this one in the same day! Soo excited! asdfghjk
- - Nov 13, 2015
*shrugs* I removed my heart on the last chapter of the second book so again I say. BRING IT ON!!!!!!
HelenGraul HelenGraul Nov 05, 2015
This is going into my library to read after I finish 2 others!! I am looking forward to it!! :) :D