My Abusive Thugs

My Abusive Thugs

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It's Just The Beginning 

August 3, 2016 

Jordan (POV) 

Saturday morning cooking and cleaning for all 6 of the boys that live in the house. I don't like the fact that I clean up after them every day but hey, I have no choice. 

If I refuse to do anything the boys tell me to do ray is the main one that show me the hard treatment. 

I had set the table for the boys and each one come down all dressed so they can go to work, we'll they don't technically work they sell drugs and make money all day.

"Jordan I'm going to need to clean the house spotless today meaning by the garage, front yard, all of the bath rooms, and our rooms and more." 


"Ok what?" 

"Ok Ray" I said with attitude 

"Lose the damn attitude or I'll lose it for you." 

The boys Finished their breakfast and headed off to work I washed the dishes, clean the bathrooms, and clean their whole entire room, plus the garage. 

With all of that work I had to do I finished around five thirty. While was washings up in the...

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Kahmaji Kahmaji Aug 16, 2016
If her brother's  lived in the house with her would they beat that nigga ass?  ... I'm confused do they just let him beat on her like that or...?
jbabyJG jbabyJG Jul 12, 2016
1st of all if Ray wouldn't have touched me I wouldn't be crying
RaquelBoa4534 RaquelBoa4534 Jan 19, 2016
He FINEEEEE 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅