Sanity // s.m. [IN EDITING]

Sanity // s.m. [IN EDITING]

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avey ✨ By shawnscookiee Updated Mar 14

False hope tore them apart, but destiny brought them back together for one magical, treacherous, unforgettable, and absolutely exhilarating night-- with unexpected consequences following. 


"She was everything, and she was nothing. She had the power of holding my sanity in her hands, and laughing as she does as she wishes with her possession."

All rights reserved // ©shawnscookiee

(Cover illustration by Kevin Kwan).

You can tell from the first few sentences that this will be a good book😂😂😂
trashyjonah trashyjonah Apr 06
Staring out my hotel window, too much on my mind. (I'm sorry, you may carry on)
seokbin seokbin Feb 25, 2016
I got a feeling this is going to sort of be like Paper Towns
miniScorpio miniScorpio Aug 24, 2016
Shots have been fired! I repeat, SHOTS FIRED! *on Walky talky* Command center one, go!
swiftmendes8998 swiftmendes8998 Jun 05, 2016
now this sounds like the start of where she went by gayle forman
miniScorpio miniScorpio Aug 24, 2016
I would have looked into the camera and said "I love what I do, and I love my fans even more. But I have to go before I cut a bitch. BYEE!"