The Prince's Assassin

The Prince's Assassin

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TheGirlWhoCriedWolf By Sian2468 Completed

The blade of my hidden knife stops just a few centimetres from the prince's warm skin of his neck. He lays there, eyes closed and rhythmic breathing. His defined jaw relaxed and his teeth barely showing behind his pink lips. 

I hear voices coming from the hallway. I glance up at the door then back to the sleeping Prince. The door handle rattles, the guards yell from behind the wall. I bite my lip, balancing the blade just on the skin of the prince's neck. 

The door bursts open just as I slip out of the bedroom window into the cool midnight, no evidence of my attempt to assassinate the prince. 


Trained Assassin, skilled in over 4 martial arts, specialised in weaponry and one on one combat...

And I couldn't kill the prince. 

So my question is, what stopped me?


"My chest literally hurts. This writing is phenomenal" - yellowdance13

"Oh my god I'm literally crying" - Campervangirl2000

"This book ticked all my boxes!" -bantaa14

I've always wanted a Yamaha but changed my mind I want Honda Grom :3 there fun
bantaa14 bantaa14 Feb 27, 2016
This book is gruesome but not too gruesome- I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                              I LOVE THIS BOOK!