The Other Side [Percico]

The Other Side [Percico]

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a person By dreamingupastorm Completed

// When you're drowning, you need someone who can swim. Someone who'll pull you out. Dry you off. Fix you. Be the light in your darkness. 

But what if your light is gone with the tide? Can you keep going without it? Will you find happiness in someone else? Or will you drown? The decision is yours to make. 

Choose quickly. You're sinking. 

Can you make it to the other side?

Set about a month after the war with Gaea. Nico hasn't confessed his feelings to Percy, nor has he gotten over them.  Characters (esp. Nico) will be rather OOC. 

DISCLAIMER: guys. Seriously. I AM NOT RICK FREAKIN RIORDAN. I AM A MAJORLY ADHD THIRTEEN YEAR OLD FANGIRL WITH NO LIFE. It's called FANfiction for a reason. Don't sue me, as that would be rather unpleasant. Cover art credz to Viria. 

TRIGGER WARNING: Depression, self harm, suicidal thoughts etc. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Percy is perfect becoz his name and the word perfect start with 'per'
Eeeeeeey everyone's freaking out but I don't know this
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Thanks for saying where the trigger is it does nit seem to affect me almost does the opposite but it is still good to write
I heard this song before but I don't know the name of it, can someone tell me the name of it? ._.
dat1Weirdo dat1Weirdo Jan 03
Its not weird, I've read so many fanfictions that I now ship A LOT of different ships like: jercy, (still percabeth definitely), pertemis, pernico (well duh), and stuff
katstrattford katstrattford Aug 23, 2015
I am an awful person. I literally just realised you have written books.