Soft Sounds | h.s

Soft Sounds | h.s

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cultureclubb By cultureclubb Updated Nov 01

Harry Styles; Universally known debonair and boy band sensation. Life brimming with parties, fast cars and very important people.                                

Hazel Morris; Literature graduate. Life packed with hoarding clothes, reckless spending and heart to hearts with Alexa Chung.

This story follows two almost strangers with a generous helping of nosey friends, manic chihuahuas and oodles and oodles of plane tickets.

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paleknights paleknights Jun 26
It's freakin amazing, this chapter.  It's very detailed and you set the mood just about right.  Can't wait for more!
_adamhann _adamhann Mar 28
Um okay, what the hell is this drink and does it actually exists because this is quickly going to become my drink on a night out.
hope_moore hope_moore Aug 22
Just by this paragraph I can already tell this is going to be a great story. I truly appreciate authors on this site that take their writing seriously... And I can already tell you're one of them!
yep, that's definitely a sign, if a girl is unconsciously craving physical proximity, she'll lean towards you :))