To Heal (PJO/Avengers)

To Heal (PJO/Avengers)

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Chira A. By cupcake_sunshine Completed

(Previously titled 'Percy Jackson Tangos With the Avengers)

After the war with Gaea, Percy wants to live. But can he, without ay of the original Seven living but him? And now that S.H.I.E.L.D. is looking for him, will he ever find peace?

The Avengers only have one mission; find and detain Perseus Jackson. They find him a graveyard. They get him... or do they?

Will Percy & The Avengers get along? Or will they hate each other? Read to find out.

Rated Mature for (relatively graphic) triggering themes. Please read at your
own risk.

Cover art by Viria and chanlien.

Mess with his girl(or just kill her), you gonna die. Once you piss of Percy, there's no way you're gonna live
PaddingPaws PaddingPaws Dec 06, 2016
My turn whoops, just gonna do my demigod OC
                              Name; Alaska Jamie Hunter
                              Sex; Female
                              Mother; Alyssa Hunter
                              Father; Unknown
                              Appearance; Blonde hair with bright blue eyes, tanned skin with freckles across face.
MultiFandomLoverOLH MultiFandomLoverOLH Sep 21, 2016
My turn
                              Name: Liv (nickname, not gonna give my real one)
                              Mother: Murlene
                              Father: Lee
                              Siblings: sister, Sophia
                              DOB: 7/24/03
                              Appearance: long frizzy brown hair, brown eyes, 5'7, glasses
raxtus911 raxtus911 Dec 23, 2016
I can just imagine that as video game and each time Percy knocks someone out the game would scream !!!K.O.!!!!!!!!!!!!🎮
GraecusTheCat GraecusTheCat Jul 17, 2016
Seeing as many other people are doing this....
                              Name- Grace <insert last name here>
                              Mother: Eileen " " 
                              Father: guy " " 
                              Half-sister: kitty " "
                              Half-brother: James " "
                              DOB: 02/03/04 
                              Appearance: blonde hair, blue eyes,  quite tall
maddieredwine maddieredwine 3 days ago
Um maybe visiting a grave? But I mean come on we all know that's NOT what graveyards are used for*note the sarcasm