Superboy meets Supergirl

Superboy meets Supergirl

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Alexa By GreenArcheress Completed

"I can't wait!" Supergirl said to Green Arrow. She was finally going to meet her second cousin, Superboy (Conner). Green Arrow and Batman have told her lots of stuff. She is still mad at Kal-el for not telling her about him. Green Arrow was going to do the introduction. 

"Well, here we are, the cave" Green Arrow said, waving his hand across the threshold. Just then, 7 teenagers came around the corner. They all stopped in there tracks, surprised to see another person with the S-shield, Superboy the most surprised. 

"Team, I want you to meet Supergirl. She will be your temporary teammate." Green Arrow said, putting a hand on Kara's shoulder. 

"Temporary? why?" a green girl who Kara suspected to be Martian Manhunter's niece said. 

Before Green Arrow could say anything, Kara stepped forward, giving Arrow the 'I got it' look and said, "I have duties on another team, much like yours, only all girls."

"Let me guess your mentors, ok?" she said holding her hands up, as if in surrender. "Ok...

    SkyWingandRedHood SkyWingandRedHood Sep 20, 2016
    hahah shes hell bound on geting her point across and bats is silent but cheering her on. hahahah XD I just know it... as me and the robins crack up with the speed teams group about how funny this all is... smiling like i am a mad man hahaha XD
    LyraHarper LyraHarper Oct 11, 2015
    Why is it that M'gann's cookies always burn at the perfect time?! It's impeccable timing.
    ILikeCake14 ILikeCake14 Jun 22, 2014
    I love how he always calls her sparky! Also justice league/YJ
    Ivory_raindropsxox Ivory_raindropsxox Jan 25, 2014
    please update ... I'm hooked :D sounds like you have a talent at writing xx I'm adding this to my collection
    GreenArcheress GreenArcheress Jan 27, 2013
    @SirenSong1334 Oh, cool thanks. I like the pic, that's the one i used for my Siren story.
    GreenArcheress GreenArcheress Jan 26, 2013
    Hey people, Supergirl is going to be having a HUGE HUGE fight scene in the next story but she is going to swear