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Shu X Reader, My Lazy Vampire

Shu X Reader, My Lazy Vampire

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Little Miss Maple By Kierasanderman Updated Jul 25, 2016

Okay not used to writing fanfics with DL so bear with me.

Unicorn_are_yass Unicorn_are_yass Aug 21, 2016
First,i may be a worthless peice of trash but im not a conceded bitsh second, i can talk to who ever i want third,im not joking i have a knife and im not afraid to break EVERY SINGLE BONE four have a nice day *sassy hair flip*
LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Aug 07, 2016
His hair is blond
                              His eyes are blue
                              That escalated quickly
                              How bout you?
                              What'd you think
                              That was pretty quick
                              But eh, it's a fanfic
                              Where things are pretty slick
llama_freakk llama_freakk Jul 18, 2016
They really want me to start screaming Beyonce
                              "MIDDLE FINGERS UP, PUT THEM HAND HIGH!"