Divergent high

Divergent high

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"There is nothing left to explain!" He shouts shakily and steps forward. His eyes are glassy. "How could you even hide that from me?! I trusted you! And you are the same person that..." He trails off and tugs at his hair. 

"F-Four please listen to me...I-" he cuts me off. "Shut. Up. Just shut up!" His words tear me apart from inside. "Four please, I didn't want to-" he cuts me off again. "Didn't want to what, Tris?! What lie, what excuse do have now?! What fucking excuse do you have?! " He shouts. 
And I am a broken mess.

  A Divergent, Fourtris fanfiction by Hazel Wood. 
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  This book contains sexual content and cursing. And it is also under MAJOR EDITING so read at your own risk.