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I never see books about him and I am really bored so here it goes.

Hi. My name Lily. I am 12 years old. I really like fnaf (five nights at freddys) and my fave youtuber Jacksepticeye. One day my world flipped up slide down.

This book is inspired by my friend Kassidy. Her user is cool Kat 8089. You should check her out.

-corrupted -corrupted Apr 07
From the way you spelled serious, I though I was a game, so when he said 'I'm adopting a kid' I was like...woah. XD
- - Apr 04
Huh, I know a kid in school that matches that description almost exactly, the only thing wrong is that she doesn't have blue eyes.
                              And oh my gosh she totally loves fnaf.  Her name is also lilly.
1. He would never make such a short video
                              2. TF WHERE IS HIS OUTRO
Is it just me that realised that Serious is spelt like Sirius Black? Coz I almost flipped. ITs TOO SOON!!!
Okay this is either a Harry Potter pun or a spelling mistake
kamspud kamspud Aug 10
Please could someone check out my chapter that i wrote and tell me if it is good or not.