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Hello Again (A Doctor Who Fanfic)

Hello Again (A Doctor Who Fanfic)

104K Reads 3K Votes 20 Part Story
Vivi By Asariel_Luna Completed

Before Donna Noble, before Martha Jones and Rose, there was one, the very first companion of the Doctor. She too, was a Time Lord, and his very first real friend, her Gallifrien name, was Alaura, and she travelled with him everywhere.To the ends of the world they went, they travelled through the universe together, with a TARDIS they stole.
And they were happy, they had fun, and laughed, they were content, until the day they would be no more. They argued and fought, yelled and screamed, until Alaura said she could take no more, and left.
A Time Lord name, she had still to choose, angered and frustrated, she named herself, The Ghost, and travelled every where and when, helping, and soon forgotten.
Many years later, she unknowingly runs into the man, at first she ignored it, until it nagged her to death. Since then, Evey time she landed, she kept out an eye for the Time Lord she knew she loved. At last, she ran into him, him on his tenth, she on her eight, he with a new companion. Once she ran into him, trouble ensues, and again, she's running, running with The Doctor.

(Psssst!!! Hey!!! Yeah, you!!! After you read this, you should check out Raine's Story. It's called 'Running Away: Raine's Journey (Doctor Who)' It's super new and only has a few chapters posted!!! Okay, I'm going now before the Daleks get me. Bye!!!)

terrarian1201 terrarian1201 Mar 04, 2016
But you forgot Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana)! She was a Time Lady, and one of my favorite companions.
EmilyAberdeen EmilyAberdeen Jun 12, 2016
Love the idea, looks like a good story :) Can't wait to read :D
AnxietySnake AnxietySnake Jul 03, 2016
I dub thee Clara Oswald 
                              In another fanfic we named a bunch of random storyline stuff so like y not
derbimpeti derbimpeti Nov 30, 2015
The doctor didn't steal a Tardis with her he stole it with his granddaughter Susan
Unikitty231 Unikitty231 Oct 12, 2015
Sorry just making sure you understood this because your writing suggested that you didnt
Asariel_Luna Asariel_Luna Oct 05, 2015
@DianaBraaten I also write stories on fan but here, like there, I've been a bit neglecting on actual writing. But you are more than happy to see what else I have lol