Percy Jackson: The God

Percy Jackson: The God

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ilovePeterPan By ilove_PeterPan Completed

Percy is upset. He is being ignored. He can't take it anymore. He leaves camp. Find out what happens when he leaves and is summoned to Olympus. 


This is my first fanfic so please no hateful comments. I'll try my best to make it good. Comment what you think about it and make suggestions if you think I could add something to make it better. Enjoy the story :)

valcury valcury Feb 08, 2016
Wasn't it against the Ancient Laws to bring people back from the dead or did i just get that from some other fanfics. I can't remember. Got them mixed up with the actual books
illusionary-dreams illusionary-dreams Nov 08, 2016
I'll keep reading to see if it gets any good, (up to where they blast him to become a god) but really. All there power, so over powered. "Here have all of our powers and bring. People back to life if you want"
Hope3833 Hope3833 Jan 29
I think this is amazing so far, but if you ever go back to edit this story please note that things are way clearer if when someone new speaks you make a new paragraph, just some advice to make this story better. 😁
Look4_BananaPants Look4_BananaPants Feb 20, 2016
Zoe isn't in the Underworld she is a constellation remember? Also she wasn't too young! She was a Hesperides! She just seems young coz she joined the Hunters and stopped aging
vanicall32 vanicall32 May 17, 2016
Young? Ya right. Zoe is the daughter of Atlas. She's immortal DING ding. If anyone, bring back Luke or Bianca.
Raven_Vanvid Raven_Vanvid Jul 13, 2016
Αυτό δεν φαίνεται σαν το Δία θα το κάνουμε αυτό θεωρώντας ότι είναι εγωιστικό βλακώδης βλάκας...