The Kid Who Has Guts|| A Destiel High School AU

The Kid Who Has Guts|| A Destiel High School AU

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What was he doing here?

"You're The Kid Who Has Guts."

"I'm guessing you want to know my name?" I expressed. He lifted his eyes up, lashes thick and long, grazing against the apples of his cheeks as he blinked gracefully.

"It's up to you." He replied, shrugging. I stared at him, light brown freckles scattered on his skin like stars. His mouth turned up into a friendly smile, rows of white teeth flashing. 


A boy like him being nice to a boy like me. Something couldn't be right with him, he's acting as if I'm important in his higher universe.

I clenched down on my teeth, gritting them back before I could say something rude, "Just call me The Kid Who Has Guts."

Because it's not like Dean Winchester will ever talk to me again. 


Disclaimer: I do not own the show "Supernatural" or its characters. This is simply a work of fiction. I do not take any part in the show, other than being a fan.


Author's Note: I made the cover, the photographs are screenshots of the actors. I added the font, the effects, the color etc...

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thatonegayrose thatonegayrose Oct 13, 2017
The word ‘April’ has triggered me. It’s always April. He lost his virginity TO APRIL AND I CANT EVEN
Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart being crushed