The Kid Who Has Guts|| A Destiel High School AU

The Kid Who Has Guts|| A Destiel High School AU

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What was he doing here?

"You're The Kid Who Has Guts."

"I'm guessing you want to know my name?" I expressed. He lifted his eyes up, lashes thick and long, grazing against the apples of his cheeks as he blinked gracefully.

"It's up to you." He replied, shrugging. I stared at him, light brown freckles scattered on his skin like stars. His mouth turned up into a friendly smile, rows of white teeth flashing. 


A boy like him being nice to a boy like me. Something couldn't be right with him, he's acting as if I'm important in his higher universe.

I clenched down on my teeth, gritting them back before I could say something rude, "Just call me The Kid Who Has Guts."

Because it's not like Dean Winchester will ever talk to me again. 


Disclaimer: I do not own the show "Supernatural" or its characters. This is simply a work of fiction. I do not take any part in the show, other than being a fan.


Author's Note: I made the cover, the photographs are screenshots of the actors. I added the font, the effects, the color etc...

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thatonegayrose thatonegayrose Oct 13, 2017
The word ‘April’ has triggered me. It’s always April. He lost his virginity TO APRIL AND I CANT EVEN
Did you hear that? That was the sound of my heart being crushed
i’ll be your friend and we can have tea parties and we can wear trenchcoats together and forever cause we’re lovers
so, I’m re-reading this, because it’s one of my favorite fanfics, and it has touched my heart.