Ariana Grande Imagines (Lesbian Stories)

Ariana Grande Imagines (Lesbian Stories)

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Marie By MalikkBaee Completed

Open imagines about THE Ariana Grande.

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Okay, you cheated and slapped my right in the face, you broke my heart and I'm the one who tecnically saying sorry???
DiegoBeltran681 DiegoBeltran681 Aug 03, 2016
Such a wonderful ending and also the rest of the story was amazing
floral_freak101 floral_freak101 Oct 13, 2016
Why is she acting like the victim here ? Umm I mean you cheated on me
snow_product snow_product Jul 28, 2016
OK so it's OK for you to hit me but now I'm the bad guy for defending myself.......Bitch😒
xCallMePapix xCallMePapix Dec 02, 2016
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