Passion, Love, Lust, and Sex

Passion, Love, Lust, and Sex

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Ashlyn's POV.

Noise from down stairs broke into my subconscious mind, and jolted me awake. The noise had sounded like a door opening, then slamming closed, only repeating itself over and over again.

I walked over to my door and peeked out into the hallway. No-one was there but other noises became clear. I walked to the balcony that over looked the front door to see at least 40 people crowded around it obviously waiting for something.

The front door then burst open, and who ever was walking in screamed, "PARTY."

That word made the room come to life. Music started pumping, lights started flashing, and somewhere there was a smoke machine.

The lights made the person in the door way more clear to make out who it was. It was my older brother, Chase. Seeing his face made everything easier to understand. These types of parties weren't unusual for my brother to have, he had a party every chance he had, and this morning we had found ...

EdeenNg EdeenNg Jul 17, 2013
i think thing are moving tooo fast here he needs to chill !!
WerewolfSierra147 WerewolfSierra147 Jul 15, 2013
They had a shower together their relation ship is moving a bit bit fast no?
chocotita98 chocotita98 Jul 06, 2013
No offense, but you need to check some of your pelling errors. Like you're and your.....
ghost1708 ghost1708 Mar 18, 2013
HE BROKE ONE OF THE RULES OF THE BRO CODE !! :O 1: Never Date/Fall in Love with your mate's sister ;D Wait... that's right isnt it?
MiissAllison MiissAllison Oct 30, 2012
man i like stright to the point none of those pee around the bush crap