Cannibals: Tokyo ghoul x reader

Cannibals: Tokyo ghoul x reader

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night thinking By aliceongjy Updated Jun 07, 2016

(Y/N) was a young girl living in the real world ..... She loves animes and Mangas like every other Otakus do , that's until one day she watched the anime 'Tokyo Ghoul' and got obsessed with the various characters in the anime, 

"I wish i could become a ghoul in the anime" 
her dad is a drunkard and her mother is a whore , she hated her life but loved it at the same time.......

Then a tragedy happens.....

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Did I ask to be born?...... no I was brought into this world because you two were horny one night!
Ashum2007 Ashum2007 Sep 27, 2017
'It'? Are you. Calling me. An animal? WELL! TOO BAD! I'M A GHOUL!
- - Nov 12, 2017
What's happening-
                              *POP* oh it's a baby
                              What dirty minded people think-
                              *POP* oh it's poop
                              What dirty DIRTY minded people think-
                              *He then inserts his dick into her* ....
                              *POP* oh you're pregnant
aki_marie88 aki_marie88 May 27, 2017
You're a wizard harry. 
                              I'm a what??
                              I don't know why I just thought of that scene from harry potter, but guess I did so... yup
aki_marie88 aki_marie88 May 27, 2017
Lol when people tell you to start from the beginning 
                              Well let's see, first my parents had intercourse. Since then I was a big mistake.