Diabolik Lovers x Reader : Forbidden

Diabolik Lovers x Reader : Forbidden

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Akane_Sora By Akane_Sora Completed

you, a short yet beautiful young, 21 years old, teacher was assigned to teach a certain class. Little did you know that your students were vampires. 

As a teacher you could be cold & tsundere a little. 

What happens when the vampires target you? And what happens when a vampire falls in love with a human being?

You as teacher hid a very horrible past that you wish you could erase it. But it will always remain like a tattoo. 

What will be the outcome?

[ diabolik lovers x reader ] 
[ student teacher romance ]
[ reverse harem ]

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Run backwards girl because the moment the streetlights flicker you gon die
DiabluLu DiabluLu Nov 23
How short is short? I'm 5'7-- is that short??? I don't even know- what is life- I could be a flower but you'd never know 👀
kedaboo03 kedaboo03 Dec 06
Hasn't anyone told her not to go through the dark alleyway alone at night😓😂
No wonder all the teachers quit, once he pinned me to the walls I quit
HakunaMatataFML HakunaMatataFML Jul 31, 2016
I am...... 5 SOMETHING EGJSVSJEVDUFKSV *jumps out of de window*
moon_33_kill moon_33_kill Dec 04, 2016
Everyone the vampire dud  is going to make out with de teacher ,hurry get this on camera!!!
                              Something is wrong with meh...😶